Franmara 2039-01 Tavern Wing Corkscrew with Black Body



Franmara 2039-01 Tavern Wing Corkscrew with Black Body

Franmara 2039-01 BU Details

Open bottles of wine with ease with this Franmara 2039-01 Tavern wing corkscrew with black body. This classic corkscrew makes it easy to extract any size cork. The long, silver handle make extraction effortless, and the open spiral worm easily pierces the cork. Use it for table service or for behind the bar applications.

To use, start by cutting the foil around the neck of the bottle with the tip of the worm. Remove the capsule and insert the stainless steel open spiral worm into the center of the cork. Insertion should be easy thanks to the sharp point and durable stainless steel design. Holding the bottle with one hand and the lever with the other, twist the lever pull to drive the worm further into the cork. Continue twisting until the two wings rise all the way up. Once the wings have risen, push down on them simultaneously to extract the cork straight out of the bottle. This winged design ensures extraction should take minimal effort.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6 5/8"

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