Compostable Sugarcane / Bagasse 1 oz. Appetizer Bowl - 200/Case



If you're looking for the convenience of disposable products without the environmental impact of plastic or foam, look no further than the EcoChoice compostable sugarcane / bagasse 1 oz. appetizer bowl! Perfect for both hot and cold foods, this appetizer bowl is an ideal solution for quick-serve restaurants, caterers, and sandwich shops

Made from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, this product is compostable, which allows you to decrease your carbon footprint. While other disposable products are burned when thrown away causing air pollution, this can be renewed and recycled. In addition, EcoChoice dinnerware is made with superior strength and won't break or crack under moderate pressure. It can even handle the messiest of menu items thanks to its oil proof design.

A unique zig-zag texturing along the outside of this bowl increases its overall visual appeal while providing additional grip for easier handling.

With a bright white color, this appetizer bowl will fit almost any restaurant decor and theme while creating a clean and fresh canvas for any type of food.

This sugarcane / bagasse item takes up less storage space than other disposable alternatives, and it can hold heavier foods than either paper or Styrofoam. Plus, since it requires much less energy to produce, it saves on both energy and resources.

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