8 oz. Commercial Popcorn Machine / Popper - 120V, 850W



Make buckets of delicious popcorn for your eager customers with this Carnival King PM850 8 oz. commercial popcorn popper!

Once the unit begins cooking, finished popcorn falls to the popper's warming deck, where it's kept fresh until you're ready to serve. It's an excellent addition to state fairs, stadiums, and fundraising events. The powerful motor boasts impressively silent operation to give you the production you need without distracting customers. Presenting one of the best values on the market, this commercial popper will pay for itself in just a few hours!

Increase Your Sales

That crisp, tantalizing popcorn will easily catch the customers' eye through the crystal clear windows under the PM850 popper's warmer light, which illuminates the popcorn for excellent merchandising. In addition, the bright red powder-coated steel top makes this unit noticeable from afar to draw in even more business!

Commercial Capacity

This popper makes up to 150 oz. of popcorn per hour and its cabinet can hold up to 50 oz. of popcorn, keeping sports fans, festival-goers, and party guests content with plenty of popcorn to go around.

Aluminum Scoop

This unit comes with a handy aluminum popcorn scoop! Thanks to its ergonomic design, filling your popcorn bags and buckets is easier than ever.

Plastic Scoop and Measuring Spoons

A small plastic scoop and measuring spoons are included to make operation a breeze right out of the box!

8 oz. Stainless Steel Kettle

The kettle preheats in just minutes for fast production. As the kettle fills up, popcorn drops down to the warming area, ready for service.

Independent Hinged Doors

This unit features easy-open hinged doors with individual metal handles, allowing for independent opening and closing. This convenient design is great for quickly adding more oil and kernels.

Stainless Steel Hinged Cover

Below the swing doors, there's a stainless steel hinged cover that's perfect for scooping out popcorn without opening the plastic doors. Simply open the cover toward you and the popcorn will be right there, ready to be scooped!

Durable Construction

The interior top / bottom, kettle, crumb tray, and frame are made of stainless steel.

Removable Crumb Tray

This model's removable crumb tray makes it easy to remove fallen kernels and keep your machine clean.

Non-Marking Rubber Feet

The 3/4" non-marking rubber feet prevent scuff marks and provide additional stability.

3-Switch Operation

Using this commercial popper is so simple it only takes three switches. One is for the merchandising light, one controls the turner, and the third initiates popping.

Operating Instructions

For your convenience, brief operating instructions are printed directly on the clear plastic hinged door so they can't be missed.

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