33 oz. Glass Carafe with Resealable Lid - 12/Case



Enhance the look of your beverage presentation and food storage with this Acopa glass carafe with resealable lid.

Whether it's cereal at a breakfast buffet or refreshing water at your restaurant, this carafe is the perfect vessel for a unique beverage service or food storage solution. Thanks to its perfect serving size and a modern flared design, this carafe ensures an elegant presentation while still being efficient and easy to use.

Resealable Lid

With a clamp lid that boasts a clear silicone seal, you never have to worry about drips or spills during transportation or about food spoiling or becoming stale! This is also helpful for leaving the carafe filled with water, lemonade, or juice at the table where it may be jostled or knocked over.

Clear Glass Construction

Proudly showcase your most popular beverages, as well as foods like cereal, granola, or nuts. Your guests will be able to identify the contents of the carafe with ease! It also lets servers know at a glance if it needs to be refilled, helping your staff stay on top of service.

Elegant Presentation

This carafe's flared design adds an elegant touch to your service while still acting as a practical addition to your tabletop service. Its construction brings a touch of sophistication to any meal!


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