27" x 22" Black Oval Non-Skid Serving Tray



Prevent spills and improve efficiency in your establishment with this Choice 27" x 22" black oval non-skid serving tray.

Perfect for a variety of businesses from bars to banquet halls, this Choice serving tray ensures that orders don't slide off during transport or service. Its strong design and non-skid surface make it great for presenting a wide range of dishes and beverages, while its classic black color helps to showcase your offerings

Non-Skid Surface

This tray has raised edges and a non-skid surface that keeps dishes or glassware firmly in place. This feature also prevents items from sliding off the tray, which results in fewer spills and messes, not to mention reduced replacement costs!

Durable Design

With a durable polypropylene construction, this tray is lightweight yet built to last. It's sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Plus, it adds the perfect professional look to any setting where serving is needed.

Increased Efficiency

Using this tray is bound to result in easier and fewer trips between back- and front-of-house spaces for staff, saving your business both time and money. When not in use, it even stacks together with trays of the same size for convenient storage.

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