2.5 oz SS Ramekin



Serve a side of your signature sauce to complete your meal with this Choice 2.5 oz. stainless steel round sauce cup.

The perfect size, this 2.5 oz. cup allows you to add just the right amount of dipping sauce or a condiment for your guest to enjoy along with their meal. From a signature house-made coconut ranch to a side of specialty cinnamon butter, this cup is great for entrees, appetizers, or combo meals. It offers guests a chance to add another layer of flavor to your delicious food, creating a positive meal experience.

Stainless Steel

The durable stainless steel construction can withstand frequent use and is easy to clean and maintain in your commercial establishment.

2.5 Oz.

The 2.5 oz size holds the perfect amount of topping while also allowing you to enact better portion control to reduce product waste.

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